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Added a note to take the cheese off of the special burger as my son is allergic to dairy unfortunately I think that due to he busy night the cheese was left on so my son was unable to eat the main part of his dinner. Had to call to check that the order was on the way as there was quite a delay with the delivery. Unfortunate but we have ordered several Times and only one other time was the cheese left on and usually the delivery time exceeds expectations.

Maria, 09 Apr 2021

We’ve been waiting 1 1/2 hrs fir our order and can’t get through on the phone. It’s Good Friday so busy I guess. Normally service is quick

Heather, 02 Apr 2021

Hi Delivery is late, please update as soon as possible

Martin, 02 Apr 2021

Fantastic service - thank you!

Cross, 29 Mar 2021

We always order the Rock, & we have not been disappointed, the portion size of both fish & chips are very generous, & always delivered very promptly

Rosie, 20 Mar 2021

Service speed was 1 hr, as promised. I don't know whether that counts as quick or slow!

Margaret, 19 Mar 2021

Quality, service and presentation of food has been consistently very good, we use delivery service regular.

Dialina, 13 Mar 2021

Best local fish and chips

Nicci, 13 Mar 2021

Food is always of the highest quality

Dave, 12 Mar 2021

Always hot tasty and well prepared

Janet, 05 Mar 2021

Please! Make a Re-order Now button at the bottom of the Previous Orders page...Please!,

Andrew, 26 Feb 2021

Always good, always look forward to Fridays

Peter, 26 Feb 2021

Missed the chilli off the kebab and forgot one pitta bread:(

Andy, 20 Feb 2021

Amazing food, great choices, easy to use for exactly what you desire. Great delivery. Fresh clean yum!

Angie, 20 Feb 2021

James, 19 Feb 2021

My local chippy

Tammy, 19 Feb 2021

Very quick delivery, delicious food everytime.

Andrea, 18 Feb 2021

You need to make a ‘Reorder my last order’ button connected to the ’View my last order’ to make it easier for the customer

Andrew, 13 Feb 2021

Great service!

Karen, 12 Feb 2021


Stacey, 31 Jan 2021

Lovely fish/chips/burgers and kebabs. Always hot and fresh.

Karla Jeffers, 30 Jan 2021

Always good and efficient

Sue, 30 Jan 2021

Excellent service, quick delivery food always lovely and warm.

Leanne, 24 Jan 2021

Quick service, good food

Heather, 22 Jan 2021

Great food and service

Heather, 22 Jan 2021

Always hot and delicious food, and large portions.

Lisa, 14 Jan 2021